November 25, 2020

Santa of Wellbeing

Santa of Wellbeing Fundraising Campaign

Social Problem

The Child Fatality Review Panel, formed by the Social Welfare Department, released a report in May 2019: among all known unnatural causes of death, suicide accounts for most children death cases, and many of which are results of schoolwork problems and mental problems. Since early 2020, the pandemic has disrupted the school lives and social lives of all children in Hong Kong; there were two children suicide cases in June during school suspension.

Though these tragic cases alerted us towards sustaining mental health among children, suicidal tendencies are difficult to detect. Clearly, it is unrealistic to solely rely on observations to identify children in need of mental support. We should build resilience in children before they are drowned in distress.

Our Vision: social x music initiatives for sustainable impact

Aside from cures for mental problems, society needs preventive initiatives for children to sustain their mental wellbeing proactively. The VBCMAF has started offering innovative solutions in music to fill this gap. Our vision is to unleash the full potential of the concept of MUSIC WELLBEING.

Our Solutions

Phase 1 Music Connects Project

What We Have Done

Free Music Connects Activity Book

VBCMAF designed the Music Connects Activity Book which contains exploratory and artistic home activities based on children music. Since May 2020, we produced 8,200 copies of Activity Book for children and distributed them in partnerships with more than 70 schools and organisations.

Free e-Learning of Children Music

Music is a proven means to sustain and restore mental wellbeing. Beneficiaries with this Activity Book are encouraged to learn children music online; these professional music videos are provided by the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy for this project on the Jingle Jungle Education YouTube channel.

Free Devices and Internet Connectivity

School suspension has forced education to move online. To alleviate the e-learning difficulties of underprivileged children, we lent out 14 devices (tablets / iPads) and accepted 2 sponsorship applications for internet connectivity, all for a duration of 1 year.

Phase 2 Harmony of Arts

What We Will Do

To bring the concept of Music Wellbeing to the forefront of society, VBCMAF is going to produce an artistic documentary, titled “The Harmony of Arts”, showcasing the meaningful artworks made by our phase 1 participants and some reflections of our project partners. Purposefully arousing the public awareness towards the rationale behind music wellbeing, we will invite music therapists and psychologists to offer professional opinion in the documentary upon the importance of pre-empting mental problems and the roles music plays in it.

Stay tuned for more news in Q1 2021!

Phase 3 Think TankPending for your help

How You Can Help

Target: HKD 150,000
Purpose: Recruit researchers to build an insightful case study of music wellbeing
Provisional Research Scope:

  • the influence of Covid-19 upon children’s mental status
  • assess preventive initiatives availability for mental health
  • how to apply music wellbeing
  • produce guiding principles for phase 4 Toolkit development

Phase 4 Music Wellbeing ToolkitPending for your help

How You Can Help

Target: HKD 350,000
Purpose: Develop a Music Wellbeing toolkit for children in Hong Kong
Provisional Toolkit Features:

  • in 3 levels (K1-3, P1-3, P4-6)
  • approved by music therapists and psychologists
  • can be used by children with little to no guidance
  • to be used as habitual health routine

Scope of Beneficiaries

  • Children  >   547,500 persons
  • Schools    >   1,600 units
  • NGOs       >   30 units


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Donation Package

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