May 7, 2020

5 Steps Tour

 STEP 1: Registration

Registration Form

Whether you get the activity book through school / organisation enrolment or individual enrolment, you need to complete the Registration Form in order to officially take part in ‘Music Connects’ Project.



 STEP 2: Activity Book

Explore one chapter per week! There are 12 chapters in this activity book. Try to finish this activity book in 12 weeks!




 STEP 3: Music Video

Subscribe Jingle Jungle Education on YouTube for quality children music videos!


What is Jingle Jungle Education?



  • Associative Imagination
  • Learn the Vocal
  • Empowerment in Music
  • Practice Daily




STEP 4: Challenge

Join the photo challenges and video challenges!


Where? Check out these pages in your Activity Book:

Photo Challenge Video Challenge
Chapter 1 page 3
Chapter 10 page 21
Chapter 11 page 23
Chapter 3 page 7
Chapter 6 page 13
Chapter 8 page 17


How to submit photos and videos?

  • Simply send them through WhatsApp at (852) 6902-3696
  • Submission deadline: 30 September 2020
  • After each photo or video submission, please also send a message




 STEP 5: Reward

Earn your rewards through active participation!


Levels of Reward