Music Connects 2020

Highlights Music Connects Activity Book 8,200 copies of the Activity Book have been distributed in partnerships with more than 70 schools and social organisations. e-Learning of Children Music Professional music videos (produced by the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy) were provided online free of charge to support the activities in the Activity Book.  e-Learning Devices Read more about Music Connects 2020[…]

Philharmonia APA performing “Adventures in Foreign Lands” concert

Adventures in Foreign Lands

Conducted by Sharon Andrea Choa, Philharmonia APA led the audience through ‘adventures in foreign lands’ transformed as musical fantasies by three disparate composers of unique styles: George Gershwin, Austin Leung and Igor Stravinsky. (30 April 2017 @ MuTh, Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben, Vienna, AUSTRIA)