Hong Kong-Vienna Music Festival 2018


Hong Kong – Vienna Music Festival is a multi-dimensional platform of cultural collaboration. The faculty, which comprises members from the music flagships of both Vienna and Hong Kong, offers music graduates and young musicians the opportunity to enter the international stage of their career.

The vibrant sound of music from the two cities will transfuse the passion of arts to the general public through concerts, workshops and community programmes. It does not only raise the standard of local talents and art administrators, but also strengthens the character and image of Hong Kong as a creative hub.

The 6-week Festival will bring together 1000 participants, encompassing 200 distinguished artists from the two cities, 200 pre-professional musicians and more than 500 local students. Their joint effort will be witnessed by thousands of members of audience in 12 concerts. Through our community events and world-class performances, we will challenge and inspire our participants to new heights as musicians and global citizens, at the same time elevating the artistic standard of our fair cities.


(To be announced)