April 24, 2020

Music Connects

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What is ‘Music Connects’ project? 


Amid the global crisis of Covid-19, we aim to solve the socio-psychological problems burdening many families through music.

We are offering the Music Connects Activity Book for children aged 5 – 9 to take a break from the current adversity for free and enjoy moments of joy essential to their mental wellbeing and personal growth.

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What can music do for children and their families? 


How to join ‘Music Connects’ project? 

You need to enrol into the project as an organisation or an individual to receive the Activity Book.

Please fill in ONE enrolment form only.

Enrolment Form – Organisation 

Enrolment Form – Individual (Ended 6/6/2020)

Enrolment is for receiving the activity book only. Each child participant needs to register individually before they start using the activity book.

Terms and Conditions 

How to officially participate in this project?

Whether you are enrolled to get the activity book through your school or by yourself, you need to register with us individually before you start.

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