February 20, 2018


Since the first visit to Hong Kong in 1959, Vienna Boys Choir has been sharing its music, spirit, and passion to the general public of the city.  Educational and exchange programmes have been organized since 2001 in collaboration with local schools and organizations.  Regular music programmes are now available to students, teachers, and families throughout the year.

The excellent location in Hong Kong, with her cultural openness, legal transparency and social open-mindedness creates an attractive and sustainable climate for international interests. In response to the growing cultural demand in Hong Kong, mainland China, and nearby regions, the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation Limited is set up to extend her influence and exert a positive impact on cultural development.

The Foundation was launched under the auspices of Dr. Claudia Reinprecht, Former Consul General of Austria and Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive-designate of HKSAR. It aims to cultivate talents with global consciousness and cross-cultural competence and to build up the ecosystem for Hong Kong being as a creative hub of Asia.

Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation is a charitable institution, which is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

The Vienna Boys Choir

Originated from the Austrian imperial court in 1498, the Vienna Boys Choir (VBC) is one of the eldest and best-loved choirs in the world. Today, there are 100 choristers grouped into 4 touring choirs named after famous composers associated with the Choir’s history (Bruckner, Haydn, Mozart,and Schubert). As one of the national treasures and cultural icons of Austria, the choir sings not only at the Imperial Chapel every Sunday and at official occasions but gives up to 300 performances for 500,000 spectators around the world every year.

The VBC’s repertoire ranges from medieval chant to experimental music and newly commissioned works. They have produced an impressive collection of recordings and films since 1933.

To find out more about the Vienna Boys Choir go to http://www.wsk.at/en

Vienna Boys Choir School

Music is a universal language and a proven means of positive upbringing for young children. The Vienna Boys Choir has its own grammar school offering the Austrian curriculum and the unique VBC musical training.

Performance is an integral part of the learning experience at the Vienna Boys Choir School. The daily schedule is tailored to balance academics, music, leisure and sports in order to foster multidimensional ability and personality of every individual.

Students of the Vienna Boys Choir School graduate to become musicians as well as professionals of various disciplines, but they all retain a lifelong commitment to the arts.

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