March 20, 2018

Our VBC Family

Our VBC Family Members


The Vienna Boys Choir (VBC)

The Choir has a long history and tradition, which have been educating children for more than 500 years. There are 100 choristers between the ages of nine and fourteen, divided into four touring choirs. Each choir spends nine to eleven weeks of the academic year on tour. Together, the choirs give around 300 concerts each year, attended by almost half a million spectators around the world. The choir regularly tours Europe, Asia and Australia, and the Americas.

The Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA)

A member of the VBC family. Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy (VBCMA) offers music programmes that are professionally designed by the Vienna Boys Choir and adopts the ‘VBCMethod’ to music education. With a primary focus on the voice, students are exposed to the dynamic experience of music in a holistic and multi-sensory way. VBCMA endeavors to enable children to discover and fully develop their musical potential through the interpretation and appreciation of music.

I Creation

I Creation is the concert organiser of the Vienna Boys Choir in Hong Kong. Founded in 1999, I Creation is a consulting firm specializing in arts, culture, and education, which presents special events to facilitate the exchange between Hong Kong and the international community, like the Vienna Boys Choir Concert Tour. I Creation has an international network of professionals in diverse disciplines. The team of consultants supports clients to set their objectives, to locate targets and to define strategies. I Creation also provides outstanding manpower and production.