Summer Music Academy 暑期音樂學院 2023

Immerse Yourself in 525 Years of Musical Excellence – Experience the charm of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

沉浸在525年的卓越音樂中 —— 親身體驗聯合國非物質文化遺產的神韻

The VBC Summer Music Academy (SMA) offers students a unique and borderless choral music experience. 暑期音樂學院將會為參加者帶來一次獨特的無國界合唱體驗。

Under the guidance of our international teaching team, students will improve their musical skills, cultivating an interest in world music and culture, and building self-confidence and a spirt of teamwork. 在國際導師團隊的帶領下,參加者在增進歌曲技巧的同時,培養對世界音樂及文化的興趣,並建立個人自信和團隊精神。

Students will perform in a concert after the programme, showcasing their learning achievements to the audience. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and apply now! 參加者將於音樂會向觀眾展示他們的學習成果。

Date 日期

Time 時間

Venue 地點

Fee 費用*

17-21 July 2023 (Mon-Fri)


Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



$5,500 [SMA Alumni 過往參加者 / VBCMA Student 音樂學院學生]

$5,000 [Group Enrolment for Schools and Organisations 團體]

$3,000 [Half Rate Subsidy Beneficiary 半額津貼領取者]

FREE [Full Rate Subsidy Beneficiary 全額津貼領取者]

*Materials, Certificate, T-shirt, Lunch & 2 concert tickets included


Enrolment Form 報名表格 (for payment via PayPal, Debit 扣賬 or Credit Card 信用卡)

Enrolment Form 報名表格(for payment via Transfer 轉賬 / Deposit 銀行入賬)