February 20, 2018

Vision & Mission


The Foundation is dedicated to cultivating talents with global consciousness and cross-cultural competence. We aspire to promote harmony among different nations, races, and populations through the proven means of music.


Our mission is divided into three pillars: Educational, Social and Economic:

  1. To nurture boys and girls talented in music on a platform of international education
  2. To build up personal character, qualities, and values
  3. To develop the enterprising spirit, cross-cultural competence and global perspective of students
  1. To promote the value of art and creative disciplines.
  2. To cultivate current and future audience.
  3. To help to build up talent pool in music and arts for enhancing the cultural development of Hong Kong.
  4. To support the development of creative industries by training and employment.
  5. To support internationalization of local population.